The H.I.D Spot, Xenon HID, LED, Automotive Lighting

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Do you own a product we sell? Would you like to show off your lights on the HID Spot site for everyone to see? If so, please take a picture of your ride with our parts installed and submit it using the "Add Photos" button above! You may need to Sign in or Register prior to submitting your image. We would love to feature your ride on our product pages and give you the opportunity to share your pride and joy with the rest of our community!! Please ensure your photo is in-focus and clearly represents the product prior to submitting. Be sure your ride brings its A-game and is sparkling clean! Any image uploaded that does not accurately portray the product will not be featured. We please ask that you submit your image one time and it will be reviewed within 48 hours. All images submitted for this promotion become the property of Images may, at the discretion of, be modified for use on the pages of our web site, advertisements, or any other promotional materials.
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