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Bulb Guide

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Bulb Replacement Guide Powered by: Sylvania.


Single Beam Bulbs


Most cars use the standard single bulb design. If your car uses one bulb for High beam and a different bulb for Low beam, that means your current bulb is Single beam model. Your bulb should be one of the following:


H1 / H3 / H7 / H11 / 9005 / 9006 / 880 / D2R/C/S 

You should buy the HID kit according to your current bulb type. They can be installed in your Low, High, Fog or any housing that will accept these bulbs 

High / Low Beam Bulbs


If your car uses one bulb to give both High and Low beams, that mean your current bulbs has two filaments, or we call it Dual Beam Bulb. Your bulb should be one of the following:


 9004 / 9007 / H4 / H13

 This bulb comes with one primary Xenon and one Halogen bulb. The Halogen bulb is used for your High beam only and is only used where the state requires a High beam to pass inspection. Nothing more.


NOTE: the High portion of the Hi/Lo bulb is NOT used for high beam driving as it will never point straight ahead. It's just for passing inspection.

Bi-Xenon HID Bulb


However, if your car uses a 9004, 9007, H4, or H13 bulb, then you have another choice:


If you need your High beam to work properly, then you should buy a Bi-Xenon HID kit which gives you both High and Low beam in Xenon. 


This High beam will work correctly for High beam driving and will point where you tel it to. Bi-Xenon bulbs come with a control unit that handles to High vs. Low operation. The xenon bulb is controlled by a magnet that allows the beam to move up for High beam and down for Low beam


The Bi-Xenon bulbs are available only in 9004 / 9007 / H4 / H13 bulb types